Meet Stephanie Ray
Dedicated to healthy living

As a young girl, Stephanie Ray was drawn to the Earth - the smell, the feel and what it offered. Surrounded by its beautiful plant life and rich smell is where she felt most at home. Eventually this comfort enticed her search for a deeper appreciation of all the Earth had to offer. It was in this search that she came to find Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine drew Stephanie in, much the same way the Earth drew her in as a young girl.

Stephanie Ray
Bioray Mission

Chinese herbalism encompasses a simplicity, richness of history, and completeness as a system of healing. At BIORAY® we have married ancient Chinese herbalism with science to bring you and your family clinically effective liquid dietary supplements.

We use sustainability harvested organic herbs and sourced ingredients, giving our herbal extracts uncompromised quality. All of our formulas are produced in the United States. This allows us to participate in all aspects of quality control; from traditional Chinese tincturing to our unique micronization process.

Adaptogenic Herbs

Our premium herbs and medicinal mushrooms help the body respond to stress.

Always Organic & Gluten free

We're a people-first apothecary with sustainably harvested herbs in every formula.

All natural, nothing fake

We're soy, dairy, and GMO-free. Made in the USA with nothing artificial, ever.