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BIORAY products are expertly formulated using certified organic ingredients.

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Where Nature Meets Science

What is Chinese herbalism? It’s a practice that encompasses a rich history, simplicity, and completeness as a system of healing. At BIORAY, we go one step farther to marry that practice with evidence-based science and develop clinically-effective liquid dietary supplements. All of our ingredients are gluten-free, sustainably harvested, and organic. We pride ourselves on the uncompromised quality of our herbal extracts.

Adaptogenic Herbs

Our premium herbs and medicinal mushrooms help the body respond to stress.

Always Organic & Gluten free

We're a people-first apothecary with sustainably harvested herbs in every formula.

All natural, nothing fake

We're soy, dairy, and GMO-free. Made in the USA with nothing artificial, ever.

Meet Our Founder

“I believe symptoms are our guide; they’re not scary.
The body is a beautiful organism that comes into perfect balance with good food, water, movement, healthy thoughts, and herbs.”

Stephanie Ray

- Stephanie Ray, ND, CNHP